Dr R.M. Vijeratne - Director Academic

Dr Wijayantha Ukwatta - Education Coordinator


Protecting people in the society from possible harms to their mental health which is the key factor in social, political and spiritual wellness of people; treating those who suffer from such mental conditions; and rehabilitation.

Mental Health Activists

Psychologists, various medical professionals, physicians, those in health services, nurses, university lecturers, university students, principals, teachers, three forces and police, public servants, private sector employees, nongovernmental organisations, heads of orgnisations, social service personnel, health officers, community officers, human resource management officers


  • To contribute to ensuring social security by making interventions at the individual level as a measure to overcome social disparity, insecurity and anxiety in individuals
  • To contribute to social security and welfare of a disciplined, ethical and just society
  • SPECIAL Programmes

  • Wellbeing Centre
  • Counselling Association
  • Mental Health Day
  • Suicide Prevention Day
  • Street Dramas
  • Music Therapy
  • Meditation & Mental Relaxation Programmes
  • Public Lecture Series
  • Social Responsibilities (Disasters, Traumas… etc.)
  • Founded Projects/ programmes
  • Researches
  • TV & Radio Programmes
  • Training courses

  • Senior Lecturer Wasantha Pathirana , Head

    Lecturer Pubudu Senaratne
    Lecturer Manjula Moraes


    To become one of the leading faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in the country by setting global standards of excellence in ingenious curriculum, teaching-learning methods, professional development, and cross-cultural understanding.

    The faculty has succeeded in undertaking interdisciplinary research projects seeking to evolve strategies, combining Human development, social economic growth and equity and helped to resolve social problems of development with insights of ecological sustainability in matters of judicious and conservation oriented use of contested natural resources.


  • To promote learning and employability skills among participants .
  • To promote study of human society and its manifestation.
  • To help students succeed in their academic and professional lives.
  • To encourage research and promote knowledge creation.
  • Objective

    The faculty is committed to achieve the five objectives of Higher Education; Pedagogy, Extension, Application, Research and Learning.


    The faculty offers Diploma, Higher Diploma and Certificate Courses in Criminology, Aged Care, Political Science, Sociology, Photography, Media studies, Language Studies and Choreography.

    The courses have been designed methodically to provide practical knowledge of subjects to students as well as to enhance their critical and analytical abilities. The curriculum offered is credit based and in line with premier educational institutions in the sphere of social studies.

    The faculty also offers courses in communicative English for special purposes and takes pride in having attracted students from all communities.

    Senior Lecturer Dr Wijayantha Ukwatte (Head)
    Senior Lecturer Pramoda Sarojini
    Lecturer Renuka Thennakoon
    Lecturer Pulsi Epa


    Empower those engaged in non-recognised professions with necessary skills, attitudes and knowledge and to create an equitable society.

    Our Strengths

  • Highly competent Academic Team and Visiting faculty
  • Unmatchable vocational training facilities and training environment
  • Reputation gained as a national vocational trainer in capacity building
  • The standard programme content that can be developed into graduate level programmes
  • Strategies

  • Recognise the vocations that are considered mediocre but essential to the economic growth and development of the country through a special process that has been
    formalised through research and social studies.Ex. Sports Messieurs, Physical trainers & Managers, Drivers,
  • Identify training needs of the Public Sector and deploy national and international training programmes to impart skills and knowledge and attitudes critical to establish a respectable Public Service, that will benefit the country.

  • Mr Bharatha Herath, Senior Lecturer, Head, Department of Management
    Mr Anusha Liyanage, Senior Lecturer, Head, Department of Human Resources Development

    Faculty of Open and Distance Learning

    Ven Pattiyawela Mahinda
    Head of Department

    Our Vision

    A productive society based on knowledge and skills

    Our Mission

    Improving knowledge, professional competencies and good attitudes among people and social groups through open and distance learning



    Aim of the SLF e Gate The SLF e-Gate will be a new dimension in public and private sector learning, as it accompanies a new learning experience apart from the conventional classroom teaching which takes off a substantial time away from office and private life. Information technology is a very essential tool that directly results in high efficiency irrespective of whether it is product or service sector due to speedy processing and communication capabilities it possesses. Lack of IT infrastructure and investment facilities aggravates the technophobic attitudes of the employees, barring them from accessing to highly important skills and knowledge.

    The collaborative effort initiated by the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute aims to span the gap between future and present for the public or private sector employees or any other workforce by equipping them with hardware and software facilities that will give them the apposite skills to knowledge to improve efficiency at their workplaces and in personal life though the training programmes offered online. As the first step SLF e Gate will offer two National Diploma Programmes on Information Technology & Human Resource Management.

    The Strategy

    Potential participants will be enrolled in TVEC/SLQF approved National Diploma in Information Technology & National Diploma in Human Resource Management for which they will join online using a flexible portable device (tablet-laptop) that will be provided to them as a part of the online training programme. Teaching material, assignments and classroom sessions will be made compulsory to each participant through a tutor who will monitor and assess the participant’s online performances throughout the course. There will be a facilitator institute in every region for the participants to get further guidance. At the end of the course the participants will sit for a final classroom examination. Those who will successfully complete the requirements of all the modules of the course will be awarded a recognised certificate.

    Distance learning courses

    • National Diploma in Information Technology & Human Resource Management apply Now
    • National Diploma in Information Technology & Public Sector Management apply Now
    • National Diploma in Make -Up application in Theatre and other Performing Arts apply Now
    • Advanced Certificate in Social Media Marketing apply Now
    • ICT Technician - NVQ 4 apply Now
    • Computer Application Assistant- NVQ 3) apply Now
    • Certificate Course in Interactive E-learning teacher method for SMART Teacher/Presenter apply Now



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    🖁 +94 71 5 364 365/ +94 71 16 16 422

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    Digital transformation Department


    Digital Innovation for Public and Private sector for the development of the country.


    Our Mission is to offer total and cost-effective digital transformation and software solution in the shortest development time. As a result, our clients are able to increase their productivity, efficiency and promote their services easily.

    The aims and objects


    Web and Mobile platform designing

    As per organisation requested, SLFI team can develop platforms according to organisation need.


    Workflow Management platform development

    Customer Relationship Management, Document Management, Inquiry Management, Letter Management and Officer tracking system.


    Web and Software development

    the design of software to meet a business need, the development of software to meet the specified design and the deployment of software to production.


    Digital Marketing and Media

    Social Media Marketing, SOE, Youtube channel creations, LOGO, E Fliers, Brochures creating and video coverage for Event and publicity.


    Training Facilitation and Other Facilities

    Computer Laboratory, Distance Learning Centers - SLF E Gate, Class Rooms and Auditorium.


    Video and Audio Productions marketing

    Sri Lanka Foundation Institute has massive Video and Audio recording facilities, Broadcast facilities and Audio/Video studio MCR with equipped all the high-end equipment.


    IT Outsource services handling

    PC and Network service by monthly charge, Expertise IT consultancy, dedicated IT staff by project wise and IT health check up projects.

    SLF Radio


    Anyone can listen to SLF radio either through internet or smart phone application. Not only that, any programme can be downloaded through the application, according to the choice of listeners. The programmes are produced and presented by well-experienced intellectuals and such research based programmes can be categorized as follows;

    • Programmes based on Sri Lankan history
    • Programmes based on indigenous medicine and treatments
    • Programmes based on folk dances
    • Programmes based on music
    • Programmes based on native food culture
    • Programmes based on traditional rituals and folklore
    • Programmes based on religious activities
    • Programmes based on Sri Lankan archaeology and rituals
    • Programmes based on traditional education system

    Listen now to SLF Radio

    The faculty focuses on ‘creating a rewarding human capital’ that will be competent to meet the global challenges and, realises its vision making rightful connections with highly reputed higher education establishments across the nations, and planting seeds of quality higher education for a better nation.

    SLF has thus taken pride in affiliating with Lincoln University College (LUC) of Malaysia to launch programmes towards developing the human capital through quality education also aligning with Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

    “We would like to create an environment for students to have access to quality education at an affordable cost, whereby they can become graduates through their own efforts” - Senior Attorney at Law Mrs Champika Amarasekara, Chairperson, SLF

    “Competencies and entrepreneurship would be the key for generating foreign employment and various revenue models, and Sri Lanka as a nation needs to secure foreign revenue by producing skilled human capital.” Prof. Amiya Bhaumik, President LUC


  • To offer qualifications which will enable the students to acquire an academic recognition not only accepted in Sri Lanka but also recognised internationally for employment & higher education.
  • To grant opportunities to acquire higher education based on guaranteed credit transfers from HND to degree programmes in Sri Lanka or Malaysia
  • Programme Range

    In the versatile international programme range that is being offered are Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees, and also Higher National Diplomas leading to Bachelor’s degrees.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Nursing
  • Master in Nursing (Education)
  • Master of Nursing (Public Health)
  • Master in Nursing
  • Master of Nursing (Midwifery)
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Nursing (Post Registr
  • Social Science Arts and Humanities

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Psychology
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Social Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy in English
  • Master of Communication
  • Master of Social Work
  • Master of International Relations and Policies
  • Master of Arts (TESL)
  • Master of Science Psychology
  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication (Hons)
  • Business and Accountancy

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Industrial Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Accounting
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Strategic Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Business Administration
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Management
  • Bachelor of Management (Oil and Gas Management)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Airline and Airport Management
  • Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship
  • Engineering

  • Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D.) in Engineering
  • Computer Science and Multimedia
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Information Technology
  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PH.D.) in Tourism and Hospitality Management

  • Senior Lecturer/ Director Academic Dr R M Vijeratne (Head)